The Internet of Newsletters

The internet. It’s made up of bitty-bytey type things, all swirling around in one giant TCP/IP melting pot of loveliness. And in all of this, all of those blogs and video channels and tweets and posts and likes, there’s always been one constant.

The newsletter.

And now they’re back! A whole bunch of people are writing newsletters – daily, weekly, monthly, erratically! And they’re using them to talk to people. Because newsletters are special. They use email. And we don’t get distracted when we read email. So we pay attention to them.

What else is awesome? Webrings! Webrings have been around forever! You might have one too, if you look beneath the sofa or in that cupboard in your kitchen. It’s probably gathering dust. But never fear, they’re coming back too! Because what better way to find out about and explore newsletters than a web ring!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up by filling in this Google form here. Laura and Dan will get it and add your submission to the web ring.

When you receive your webring code, edit the settings of your tinyletter to insert it at the bottom of your description.

Artisanal internet pen pals.

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Artisanal Internet Pen Pals